Olde Freehold Day
August 18, 2018
Lake Topanemus, Freehold, NJ
Mission     Dance     is     a     band     of professional    musicians    who    have rehearsed     and     played     together from   three   to   twenty   years.   We’re a    “real    band”,    not    a    group    of musicians    pieced    together    for    a single    occasion.    You    can    relax knowing   that   we’ve   performed   at thousands    of    events    across    the Northeast         Region         including weddings,   private   affairs,   bar   and bat         mitzvahs,         fundraisers, corporate   and   special   events.   Our reputation   as   one   of   the   tri-state’s best    high-energy    party    bands    is well-earned     and     held     in     the highest regard.