Olde Freehold Day
August 18, 2018
Lake Topanemus, Freehold, NJ
Half   –   Brothers   have   been   performing   on the    Jersey    Shore,    New    York    City    and Pennsylvania   for   the   past   forty-one   years. Their       ever-growing       and       continuous popularity    has    been    attributed    to    their strong   harmonies,   crisp   guitar   work,   and professional manner on stage. Undoubtedly,   their   strongest   asset   is   the energy     they     generate     throughout     the audience   with   tunes   from   “classic”   artists such   as   Van   Morrison,   Crosby,   Stills,   Nash   & Young,    The    Grateful    Dead,    The    Beatles, The    Who,    Simon    &    Garfunkle,    Jimmy Buffet,     Billy     Joel,     The     Eagles,     Led Zeppelin,    Elvis    Presley,    Jackson    Browne, Dan    Fogelburg,    Buddy    Holly,    and    many more.    They     continue     to     update     their material    to    please    their    audiences    with the   likes   of      Jack   Johnson,   John   Mayer, Pearl    Jam,    Black    Crows,    Dave    Matthews Band,      Oasis,   Bare   Naked   Ladies,   Goo-Goo Dolls,   Bruce   Springsteen,   Steely   Dan,   U-2, REM,    Red    Hot    Chili    Peppers,    BoDeans, Kenny      Chesney,      Darius      Rucker,      Foo Fighters, Tracey Chapman, and others.