Olde Freehold Day
August 18, 2018
Lake Topanemus, Freehold, NJ
Boys      'Round      Here      is      a      NJ      based Rock/Country   Band   that   all   started   with   the love   of   music   (of   course).   You'll   be   on   your feet   dancing   and   singing   a   long   as   soon   as the    music    starts.    Not    only    are    the    songs filled   with   stories   and   good   times   but   they have a way of touching our hearts. Boys   'Round   Here   are   not   just   another   band they   are   friends   to   all   they   meet   and   are the life of your event! We   are   not   just   musicians,   we   are   fans   and with   our   love   of   music   we   want   to   inspire you   to   reach   for   your   dreams   and   know   that anything   is   possible   through   the   power   of music.